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Our Story

Toddler Town Day Care is one of Memphis' Premier Childcare Centers

Toddler Town opened its doors as a home based childcare in 2003 starting with four children. Word of mouth promotion grew this home based business from 4 to 60 children. An accredited agency, Toddler Town partners with many community organizations, leaders, and businesses providing exposure to the children that fosters the enrichment they receive, fostering the development of a well rounded educational base. As a result of the exposure and building credibility, growth required moving from a home based center to a commercial building.


Owner Brandy N. Boyland has worked diligently to provide quality care that has gained attention in the Mid-South standing out among the many great childcare providers in Memphis. In less than one calendar year, her center was filled to capacity with an extensive waiting list. The demand only motivated her to expand Toddler Town. Brandy's evident love for children and their social, emotional, and educational growth is what draws supportive parents to Toddler Town. Through yearly state mandated evaluations, Toddler Town annually earns the highest ranking of three stars.

Our Goal​

The goal of Toddler Town is simple - love and support children as they grow, providing them the building blocks and skills needed to flourish to be their best. There is no greater mission than having a hand in developing the next generation of productive members of society and future leaders.

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